“One test of correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child”.
– Maria Montessori

Your child, the most precious resource of our future world is introduced to this wondrous second home that is Leens Nursery. We give you a peek-a-boo into the various services and facilities provided by one of the oldest nurseries in the city.

Modern Classrooms:

Our classrooms are spacious, vibrant, well lit, bright and properly ventilated. They are furnished with colourful, child safe furniture and child friendly teaching aids that provide the young minds ample space and liberty to explore the boundaries of learning. These work stations are conducive to promoting literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills.

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think”, remarked Margaret Mead. This profound thought reflects in our modern, interactive and creative learning programs. Enquiring, exploring and experimenting to learn is facilitated by toys, stories, puzzles, flashcards, building blocks, clay moulding etc. Special emphasis is laid on developing gross and fine motor skills.

Exclusive Indoor and Outdoor Play Area:

Play and physical education is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood. It is vital in enhancing skills of coordination, manipulation and control as well as social development through cooperative and team games. Children at Leens, enjoy the benefits of physical exercise and fresh air through outdoor play sessions and resort to the indoor play area when the weather plays a spoilsport. Our big enough play area is equipped with child safe toy cars, big toy houses , slides, swings and many more sport related activities.

Informal Reading and Music Room:

Our tiny tots start young with their reading program at Leens. We have a dedicated place housing a variety of colourful and interactive pictorial books for introducing our young starters to the world of books. They enjoy while learning to flip through the pages filled with familiar letters and objects of their interest. Music room is a place that is loved by teachers and students alike. We have a professional music teacher from our sister concern Steps & Strings coming to our nursery to train our children. Here children enjoy singing their favourite songs as well as shake a leg to the tunes of action songs.

Engaging Activity Area:

We have created a special area for activities outside their familiar classrooms. Here the children are introduced to extended learning activities by the activity and art and craft teachers. It opens the doors to an exciting world of hands on learning, life skills, experiments and explorations that attract the kids more than our regular classroom sessions.

Exciting Field Trips:

Exploring the world outside the classroom settings is another aspect of our approach towards wholesome learning. The planned visits to gardens, super markets etc. enable the preschoolers to live the feel of real life settings and satisfy their sense of wonder and discovery.

Supervised Day Care Facility:

Day care facility at Leens provides a huge blanket of relief for the working parents. Right from feeding the child, taking care of their needs, keeping them engaged in stimulating activities etc. are taken care by our patient, caring and experienced staff.

Reliable Transport:

Leens Nursery boasts of a reliable and efficient transport facility. The yellow buses are equipped with CCTV and GPS. Our toddlers are accompanied by a caring female bus supervisor and an alert driver.




Safe Entrance and Premises:

Our preschool is a safe haven for your child as all the people entering the premises are monitored by CCTV. The entry and exit is registered in the visitor’s log book with our professional security personnel at the gate itself. Fire drills are conducted at regular intervals in the nursery.