About Our Founder

“A born leader” – a phrase used by Mrs. Olinda Pereira, ex Principal of Roshni Nilaya to perfectly describe our founder Mrs. Angelina Goveas. She is fondly known among her friends as “Lena”. In fact the name “Leens” is derived from Lena.

Mrs. Goveas completed her graduation from St. Agnes College and was one of the premier post graduate students of social work to graduate from Roshni Nilaya. She also earned her Bachelors of Education from Madurai University.

In her younger days, Mrs. Goveas was the President of the Catholic Students Union and the Diocesan President of the Catholic Youth Movement of Mangalore. She represented the Mangalore Diocese at the All India Catholic Women’s Federation in Delhi in 1968. She was chosen to address the gathering at the Eucharistic Congress in Bombay on the topic – “Role of Young Christian Women in the Modern World”. She played a prominent role at the youth rally organized by Cardinal Gracias in Mangalore. She was the first medical social worker at Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore. At a young age she worked hard for the upliftment of the underprivileged and destitute. She has prepared a thesis while at Fr. Mullers, titled “Attitude of Leprosy Patients towards Rehabilitation”.

She started off Leens Nursery in 1975, mostly to take care of the children of the many families who had nowhere to keep their children while they were away at work. From that humble beginning, Leens has developed into one of the leading nurseries in Abu Dhabi. She was the Principal of Leens until recently stepping down.

She is also an active member of several social organizations. She is one of the pioneer members of Indian Ladies Association in Abu Dhabi. She has also been a member and an avid supporter of the St. Joseph’s Church choir quite incredibly since 1969!