Learning Programs

A Sneak Peek into our Routine

A typical day at Leens preschool throws an eclectic mix of daily schedule of learning and special activities based on themes. Each day’s schedule is designed to derive the pleasures of learning and childhood fun. It includes activities like rhymes, music, block building, story-telling, clay moulding , hands on activities related to themes, group activities, reading fun, indoor and outdoor play and many more.

These activities foster creativity, social skills, emotional and physical development and build confidence. At Leens each day is more about striking a balance between the joys of childhood and the demands of learning.

Curriculum and Academic Year

Leens Nursery follows the CBSE academic year. Our academic year starts in April and ends in March.

Our preschool follows the modern Montessori approach which is devoted to support all aspects of child’s development and learning. Under this approach our learning programs at each level offer a wide range of hands on experiences in a loving, safe and encouraging environment. This includes practical life activities, communication, language literacy, number skills, sensorial education, art and craft, physical development, music, life skills and competitions. Furthermore, to create a sense of belonging in our tiny tots, we take the responsibility of making them aware of UAE’s culture and tradition by including activities and celebration of special days in our learning programs. This comprehensive approach ensures that our children are able to adapt well to any curriculum for their foundation / kindergarten years.

Our Educational Programs

“Every child has a different learning style and pace. Each child is unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding.”
– Robert John Meehan

We offer preschool learning programs that are suitable to the child’s developmental age and focus on the growth of each child’s cognitive, social, physical and intellectual skills for a holistic education. Our learning program is divided into two levels.


This program caters to the children in the age group of 18 months up to 2 years 8 months. During their term in playgroup the children are engaged in stimulating motor activities, singing, dancing, interactive group activities and competitions.The tiny tots spend their day learning to socialize, communicate, be independent in their daily activities and growing at their own individual pace. This year in the real sense serves as the preparation time for their smooth graduation to the nursery program next year.


This program caters to the children in the age group of 2 years 8 months up to 4 years. During this year, our children are exposed to pre-reading, pre-writing, pre- math skills along with a wide variety of activities that are meticulously planned based on specific themes and topics of relevance. Activities like art and craft, clay moulding, story -telling, picture reading, music, and puppet play are an integral part of our time table.We strongly believe in igniting the positive competitive spirit right from the childhood. To pursue this belief in its true sense, we hold various competitions like colouring, singing, recitation, fancy dress and sports events to bring out the talent in each child. It goes a long way in evolving a confident, bright, stage smart and competitive personality in our preschoolers. The accomplishments and achievements fill them and their parents with pride and motivate them to strive harder.